Managed E-mail Security

Managed E-mail Security
  • Managed E-mail Security
  • Managed E-mail Security

Onze antispam e-mailoplossing is speciaal is ontwikkeld om te voldoen aan de eisen van moderne bedrijven. Met een spamdetectiepercentage van meer dan 99,9%.

Onze dienst is een meerlaagse cloudgebaseerde e-mailbeveiliging voor uw hele organisatie. voegt essentiële bedreigingspreventie toe aan standaard Office 365-implementaties. Email Security is een uitgebreide e-mailbeveiligingsoplossing die aan alle e-mailbeveiligingsbehoeften voldoet. Het biedt uw organisatie volledige zakelijke e-mailbescherming die verder gaat dan malware en andere traditionele bedreigingen zoals spam, malware, grootschalige phishing-aanvallen en kwaadaardige URL's. Het stopt ook moderne, gerichte en geavanceerde e-mailbedreigingen, waaronder Business Email Compromise (BEC) en CEO-fraude.

Managed E-Mail Security

Samen met onze partner MyDigitals bieden we tegen een scherp maandtarief geavanceerde en gebruiksvriendelijke e-mailfiltering aan. Met de nieuwste technologieën worden alle inkomende en uitgaande e-mails beschermd tegen spam, malware, ransomware, phishing, social engineering en spoofing.


  • Anti-spam:  Multiple engines use a combination of technologies to detect spam as well as more sophisticated targeted phishing and impersonation attacks.
  • Anti-malware: Multiple traditional signature- and behavior-based antivirus engines for detection of malware. 
  • Time-of-click protection: Rewrites URLs in email messages and provides point-of-click protection using multiple reputation services.
  • Options to autoredirect, click continue, block on threat and show/hide target URL.
  • Option to scan links at time of message delivery as well as at time of click.
  • Safe & Deny Lists: Create company-wide and/or individual user Safe & Deny lists.
  • TLS / Opportunistic TLS:
  • Enforce TLS encryption and restrict communication with other email servers that do not support the TLS protocol.
  • Option to enable opportunistic TLS with fall back to plain text if TLS is not supported by the receiving mail server.
  • Email Authentication: Support for SPF, DKIM and DMARC.
  • Executive Tracking List: Use details synced from Active Directory to automatically detect users’ real names within header and envelope address fields to protect against impersonation attacks / CEO fraud.
  • Nearby (cousin) Domains:
  • Compares sender domain to legitimate domain names to identify nearby domains (that vary from the actual domain name by one or two characters).
  • Protects against impersonation attacks / CEO fraud.
  • Subject Tags and Headers:
  • Add tags such as [EXTERNAL] or [MARKETING] to message subject lines.
  • Add HTML or plain text headers to inbound messages alerting users to potential risks.
  • File Attachments:
  • MIME type checking of file attachments with ability to block dangerous file types.
  • Detect password-protected archives.
  • Keyword Lists: Create unlimited keyword lists. Use rules to analyze messages and take action based on confidential or sensitive content.
  • Mail Queuing: Email is automatically queued for 7 days in the event of a failure or outage of the primary email service/server(s).
  • Sending Limit Monitoring: Automatic protection from attempts to send large volumes of messages outbound to prevent domain blacklisting.
  • Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) Prevention: Drop email destined for invalid or fake email addresses.

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